2016: Exhibition Assemblage #1
Galerie 0fr by SIP in Paris
31-07-2015: Newspaper Atención
Review in Mexico
2015: Exhibition Mental Meteorites
Yam Gallery, Mexico
serie Mental Meteorites
Catalogue'The Circle of Life' Korea
Taehwa-river Eco Art Festival 2013
On the Other Shore in TEAF'13
video one screnn version
17-03-2013: Diario Perfil
Review exhibition "Ensayo"
11/12-2011: Exhibition "Lanscape"
11/12-2011: Exhibition "Lanscape"
Seongam-dong, South Korea.
serie 'On the Other Shore'
40 x 40 cm Inkjet print
Spring 2011: New Talent Issue
#102 International edition
#230 Italian edition
2009: Exhibition 'La trampa"
Galeria Jardin Oculto. Buenos Aires
Serie La Trampa (The Trap)
2010: Group exhibition
Rendez-vous avec une femme Ed. II
Rendez-vous avec une femme Ed. II
Galerie Adler, Paris.
2009: Exhibition "Les contigences'
Galerie La Vitrine. Limoge, France.
2009: Exhibition "Les Contigences'
Par Fugaz (C.Piaggio & R. Sein)
2008: 'Signos de Existencia'
France, Chile and Argentina
La Crista en el MAC
Santiago de Chile
24-10-2009: Revista de cultura Ñ
Cover in Clarin: Chica Azul
2007: Exhibition 'Conatus'
Schneider Gallery, Chicago, USA.
2008: Exhibition 'Conatus'
Complejo Cultural Santa Cruz
Rio Gallegos, Argentina.
2005: Special essay 'Alter Ego'
Publication of MALBA & LOMO
Serie ' Alter Ego'
Buenos Aires, Argentina.